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Julius Malema on Chinese System, Africa will respect MALEMA for this


Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT and Share, Thank for Watching Julius Malema , prof PLO Lumumba speak in Nigeria,'CIVILIZATION and HUMANITY start in AFRICA'. Julius Malema another Great speak to Africa,. Julius Malema will be remembered by AFRICANS for this, is a real PAN AFRICAN,. CIC Julius Malema addressing Business People at the EFF Gala Dinner. President Magufuli and Julius Malema on the Passing of President Robert Mugabe. Julius MALEMA last Great speak in 2018, HE IS VERY FANTASTIC. Julius Malema speech at Durban Universty of Technology. Julius Malema in Tottenham pt4 — SA Future Government? EFF Media Briefing, 2 July 2019. Julius Malema - EFF Western Cape RALLY - You will Respect Malema after watching this! !

posted by jasonyip2002bd