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Joining a Zoom Meeting for the First Time—A Cozy Step-by-Step Guide

Cozy Grammar

Joining a Zoom meeting for the first time can seem intimidating, but never fear! You can learn anything if you take it stepbystep. Cozy Grammar's Language Consultant Thomas shows you everything you need to know to get started. You'll also find timestamps to the key steps below:

0:01 Get warm and cozy—or cool and comfortable, depending on the weather!

0:15 Welcome.

0:32 You can learn anything if you take it step by step.

0:40 First Step: Locate the Zoom link in your email.

1:09 Second Step: Download the Zoom app if needed.

1:57 Third Step: Find the Meeting ID if needed.

2:35 Fourth Step: Select video options in the video preview dialog box.

3:21 Fifth Step: Join with computer audio.

3:31 Fifth Step and a half: Where to test speaker and microphone.

4:08 Sixth Step: Mute and unmute your microphone as needed.

4:18 Seventh Step: Turn video camera on and off as needed.

4:33 Eighth Step: Toggle between gallery view and speaker view.

5:00 Ninth Step: Leave the meeting when you're done.

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