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JL Audio E110 Subwoofer Review. Worth the money? We find out!

Nemo Propaganda

Discord Link:

JL Audio E110:

Other Reviews:
SQ vs SPL Overview:
Kef KF92:
Rythmik E15HP2:

Speakers Used:
Buchardt S400 MKII:
Focal Kanta No1:
Focal Aria 906:
Arendal 1961:

Preamp & Power Amplifiers
Kinki Studio EXP7:
Kinki Studio EXB7 mono blocks:
Buchardt I150:

Source: Bluesound Node 2i
(all music is hires streamed from Tidal)

DAC: Denafrips Ares II

Speaker & Power Cables: Maze Audio Ref4

RCA Cables: Analysis Plus Oval One

Your results may vary based on your ears, room, and associated equipment:

posted by Plakkaattb