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4x4 Soft Shackles vs Bow (Steel) Shackles


Soft shackles are becoming more and more popular on the 4x4/overlanding scene. More companies are making soft shackles then ever before, gator jaw, factor 55, roadsafe, bubba rope, to name a few.
But are soft shackles better for 4wd recoveries the then good ole steel bow shackle that has been around since the birth of 4wds and people getting bogged.

In this video we talk about the pros and cons of both!

Unsealed 4x4 Destruction Shackle test

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Not all load factors were consider in this video for the sake of simplicity, i.e. friction, load angle factor angles on the shackles etc. The information should be used only as a guide, refer to your manufacturers manuals for the recovery gear you have.

posted by eyrurgj