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Japan Travel Guide: 5 Things you shouldn't do at the restaurant in JAPAN

Experience JAPAN with YUKA

Travel Japan Guide: 5 Things you shouldn’t do at restaurants in Japan :'>
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Welcome to Experience Japan with YUKA.
I show you real Japan. Here is the right place for you if you want to know about Japan and plan to travel or trip to Japan!

I’ll share with you things you shouldn’t do at restaurants in Japan.
We have different manners and etiquette at the restaurant.

0:38 –1. Know what OSHIBORI is

2:00 – 2. Don’t pass your food to Another Chopstick

2:26 – 3. Don’t IMPALE your RICE

2:52 – 4. Don’t SLICE your SUSHI

3:41 – 5. Don’t PULL your dishes closer with Your Chopstick

I’m offering the info about traveling to Japan and working as a guide.
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Travel Japan Guide: 5 Things you shouldn’t do at restaurants in Japan'>

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