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January 4 2015 FULL Daniela Andrade-Stage It Concert (Window Session Live 2015)

Baila Con Gusto CT

Recording of Daniela Andrade Concert from Jan 5,2015. (FULL LENGTH)
BLUE BAR DISAPPEARS BY @3:23 and The rest of the show I did a better job of fullscreening :)

I do not own any of Daniela's songs, and claim no ownership of any multimedia shown in the video. I also am not advertising any paid products.

Enjoy the video, please share ,like, comment on Daniela Andrade's Youtube page,Twitter and Facebook.

Feel free to comment the song names, your favorites and PLEASE EXCUSE ANY CUTS AND RANDOM THINGS(It was my first time doing a stream recording)

Song list:
1st= (Original) Places We Should Be
@3:41 (Original) Dark Passenger
@7:01 (Original)Things we've said
@10:38 (Original) Portrait of someone
@13:50 (Cover)Gnarls BarkleyCrazy
@17:45 *NEW*(Original)Come around
@21:31 (Cover)Edith Piaf La Vie La Vie en Rose
@25:35 (Cover)Beyonce Crazy in Love
@29:54(Original)Goodbye *Sorry for the windows*
@35:25(Cover)Sam SmithI'm Not The Only One
@39:43*NEW*(Original) Digital Age
@45:26(Cover)Radiohead Creep

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