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Jake Tapper Humiliates Donald Trump On His IQ - Reacts To 'Fake News Conference & Pathetic Tweets'

Jon Snow - The Viral Network

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Maher and Mark Cuban Rip Apart Trump's IQ. Vanessa Trump Had To Borrow Money From Her Mom Because Don Jr. Is So Cheap. Trump Staffers Forced To Sign Nondisclosure Agreements That Extend Past His Presidency. Trump PRICELESS facial reaction when Governor tells him, he needs to do Less Tweeting to his face. The Trump administration clashes over the Russia Probe. President Trump Approval At Record Low As Country Blames Him For Shutdown | The Last Word | MSNBC. Bush Ethics Chief: Trump Tweeting His Way To Obstruction Charges | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC. Trump Impeachment Articles Called For In House. Legal dilemmas and a shutdown showdown. This CEO Brilliantly DESTR0YS Trump For lNSANE Tariffs, “It’s the DU*MBEST Thing I’ve Ever Seen”.

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