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it's raining outside and Intermezzo Op. 117 No. 2 by Brahms is playing in the next room (1 hour)

just stop thinking

Intermezzo Op.117 No. 2 in B flat minor was composed by Johannes Brahms. It was completed in 1892. This beautiful version of the piece was recorded by Katelan Terrel in 2012.

The piece was described by Brahms’ biographer Walter Niemann to portray a "man as he stands with the bleak, gusty autumn wind eddying round him."

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be present, stay safe!

just stop thinking is a channel dedicated to providing music and entertainment to help you calm your overactive mind. We believe that, sometimes, the best thing that we can do is switch off our brains, take a deep breath, live in the moment and just stop thinking.

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