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Iron Man Cartoon Show Season 2 Episode 16 | Ironman Meets Captain America

Power Kids TV

Latest Version of Ironman Cartoon Show Season 2 Episode 16, 3D animation series features the adventures of the armored super hero, Iron Man meets Captain America. This HD full episode Extrimis, Iron Man faces a new enemy who is almost impossible to defeat. To know more, watch the full episode.

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This Iron Man cartoon TV series has been directed by Stephane Juffe & Philippe Guyenne and the original music has been composed by Guy Michelmore & theme performed by Rooney.
This animated series features Tony Stark as Iron Man who is a Billionaire heir to Stark International and also a Crime Fighting Superhero. Teenager Tony begins using his ultimate and invincible Super Iron Man suit to protect those fallen prey to tragedy, crime and conspiracy!

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