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iOS 15 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Payette Forward

David & David tell you about fifteen iOS 15 settings you should turn off now. There are several new iOS 15 settings you need to know about, and some older settings have a way of getting turned on again after an update.

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. Stop Allowing Apps To Request To Track You [0:18]
3. Choose Location Services Wisely [1:29]
4. Turn Off Unnecessary System Services [2:36]
5. Turn Off Significant Locations [4:03]
6. Turn Off Product Improvement [4:25]
7. Turn Off Analytics & Improvements [4:41]
8. Turn Off Personalized Ads [5:26]
9. Turn Off Sensor & Usage Data Collection [5:56]
10. Make Sure Privacy Protection Is Turned On [6:26]
11. Turn Off Push Mail [6:43]
12. Turn Off Back Up Over Cellular [7:23]
13. Turn Off Cellular Data For iCloud Drive [8:22]
14. Stop Photos From Burning Through Your Cellular Data [9:08]
15. Turn Off Preload Top Hit [10:14]
16. Close Tabs Automatically [10:54]
17. Set Background App Refresh To WiFi [11:37]

iOS 15 settings to turn on now:

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