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Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

The Cat Behaviour Channel

See http://www.freyacat.co.uk/2010/02/were-in-another-film.html for more news!
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This is a little film about Freya the 6 year old Bengal cat, and Teego, an 11 week old kitten meeting for the first time.

Freya has always been a little bit timid Snow BENGAL KITTENS 12 hours old born here at Maplewood Bengals. Animals With Rare Unique Markings! Sonic The Kitten Meets His Big Brother. Dog Adopts and Protects Abandoned Kitten. Bengal cat behaviour - Subtle changes Part 8. Hungry Bengal Kitten. How to introduce 2 cats to each other. Mama Cat's Reaction to Newborn Puppy. Bengal Cat's strange behaviour with water. Teego Cat kills a Mouse and won't give it up!

posted by elcangriboev8