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Interesting Japanese Flip Books + 360° Book (Seigensha Art Publishing Japan)

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“ParaPara Flip Books” is a series of flip books published by Seigensha Art Publishing. The “Mohiken” collection features the creative work of artist, Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo. Through beautiful animations and clever use of negative space, the books have gained international popularity and acclaim.

The impressive 360° Book was created by Japanese architect, Yusuke Oono. Published in 2016, “Earth and the Moon” is the third book in the series following “Mount Fuji” and “Snow white”.

I bought the “God Of Bug Eater” book from Village Vanguard, my favouritest shop in Japan, and the rest were given to me by a friend from his recent trip to Japan. If you are visiting the country and want to get these books, they are not difficult to find. You should be able to purchase them from most of the bigger bookshops in Japan. The official Seigensha website also offers international shipping, you can visit the website (link below) to check out the full range of books available.


ParaPara Flip Books (Official Website)

Works of Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo

360° Book (Official Website)

Works of Yusuke Oono

Making of 360° Book (Youtube)

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