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Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan travel to South Korea to film the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s amazing high flying martial arts combined with gymnastic feats in slow motion. Team members can launch themselves 30 feet into the air smashing wooden boards on their way down. Their spectacular flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, gravity-defying theatrics, showcasing the board smashing is a thrilling spectacle in slow mo. Conan Becomes A Tae Kwon Do Master. 3HRS Stunning Underwater Footage + Relaxing Music | French Polynesia, Indonesia 4K Upscale. Taekwondo Golpes - Chutes Avançados. Dragon Boys - Chinese Taekwondo Media. 4X WORLDS STRONGEST MAN DEXA SCAN RESULTS. 4K VS HD: Side By Side Comparisons (Part 3) (Using Same Camera). How To Tie Your Belt For Taekwondo. Tuning Fork at 1600fps - The Slow Mo Guys. Taekwondo Tutorial #1 ( Grundlagen + 2 Tritte). Siddharth Nigam VS Tiger Shroff Stunts.

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