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INSANE! SpaceX Falcon Heavy Side Boosters Landing Simultaneously at Kennedy Space Center

Horizon Productions SFL

Liftoff here:
CONGRATULATIONS SPACEX! This is from SpaceX's live stream, and all credit belongs to them!
The feed from the second booster malfunctioned, so they duplicated the feed from the first one instead of showing a blank screen. SpaceX rocket in historic upright landing - BBC News. {TrueSound}™ Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 Smooth Landing at Ft. Lauderdale. (Almost) Every SpaceX Landing, In Order. Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained. Is Rocket Lab the new SpaceX? The Electron VS Falcon. Tesla Roadster and 'Starman' On a SpaceX Adventure - Feat. Joe Satriani Music. Bezos's Blue Origin launch and land of New Shepard Rocket and Capsule. Elon Musk’s many business ventures: SpaceX, Tesla and flamethrowers. Could Blue Origin Beat SpaceX? | Answers With Joe. How SpaceX Could Change Space Travel | Forbes.