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I'm A Cyclops. Let Me Share My Story

My Story

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Ping is a human cyclops. How did he come to be and how does he coexist with other people?

Ping's Mom, Hang, comes from a modest southern Chinese family. They call the Yunnan Province "the heart of the tea industry". This is where Hang grew up and where Ping lives now. If you have any idea what rural China is like, you know they weren't exactly spoiled with modern conveniences. Traveling to the village was quite the journey. During the wet season, the road would turn into an orangecolored mess of mud that could swallow a car's wheels up to the axles. When the rain passed, the road was swarming with huge black snakes and lizards.

Hang's house was sort of twostory. The ground floor was basically a shed for farm machinery, like cultivators and motorcycles. The upstairs consisted of a single large room with a seethrough ceiling. The center of the room was occupied by a hearth and the smoke made the ceiling black with soot. Hang lived a simple life just like the other village kids, oblivious of the fancy life of big cities.

One day, a stranger came to the village. His stories about other countries sounded fascinating. Hang wanted to walk the beautiful streets and to live in a multistory building where the water comes from a pipeline and the huge windows are illuminated by the sun.

She was now motivated to study better and eventually leave the village for a different kind of life. Her parents gave her their blessing. It helped that the family had distant relatives in the city of Zhaoqing, and they agreed to house Hang.

After high school, Hang successfully enrolled in a medical college. Everything looked astonishing to her at first. She was delighted to watch thousands of beautiful people dressed in nice clothes, to hang out at the movies or in the parks.

After college, Hang was assigned to work in a district hospital of the Yangjiang city. During one of her shifts, they brought in a young man in very bad condition who required roundtheclock care. He was a construction worker who had fallen out of a suspended cradle. Hang was his nurse and they developed feelings for each other.

Ping's future father received an apartment in the same house that he had injured himself building. For a while, all was well: they were happily married and making themselves comfortable in their new home and enjoying their jobs. When Ping was born, they had already been married for four years. The older generation had been impatient for grandkids and dropping hints. Ping was a longawaited child.

Hang's pregnancy was a complicated one and she spent a lot of time in hospitals. But the family firmly believed she and the baby would be alright and they were ready to handle any possible birth defect. Well, Ping ended up being born with a single eye. What made it even worse was that their illfated apartment had caused the baby's condition. The bricks they used to build the house were made out of monazite sand. As time passed, the sand decayed into radium, actinium, and radon, which are extremely dangerous radioactive substances.

Had Ping been born within a year after they moved in, it wouldn't have happened. It was the longterm exposure that led to the terrible outcome. His parents visited countless hospitals and research institutes, where Ping was examined and analyzed. The doctors predicted he wouldn't live more than a few hours but he's survived for over 15 years now. And his life is indeed survival. He couldn't go to kindergarten or school because other kids were scared of him. He was raised by a babysitter and occasionally by his grandmothers when she was on vacation. As a little kid, Ping thought he attracted a lot of attention because people liked him, but a few years later, he realized he didn't look attractive at all – he actually looked like an exotic weirdo. Eventually, Ping acquired a pair of special cyclopean goggles that cover up the single eye in the middle of his face.

After Ping graduated from middle school, he decided to leave for his grandparents' village to work on the tea plantation. He's hoping the locals get used to him and stop seeing him as an oddity.

Ping insists you should never laugh at anyone who doesn't look or act like other people. This person has a heart and a soul, and they're already suffering enough, unable to fix the condition they were born with. Please share my story


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