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if Minecraft had NEW food


Check out these delicious food updates minecraft SHOULD have!
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I hope that you're hungry because today we have a delicious new minecraft update, this time it's all about minecraft food! That's right! These are the custom updates minecraft should have in minecraft 1.13 and even for the mcpe version of minecraft. This is a continuation of our video series where we take your custom minecraft suggestions and changes you want to see and bring them into the game! This episode we had a lot of suggestions for minecraft updates involving the food. We are going to make food better, have more uses, and even introduce new food into minecraft. I hope that you all enjoy these minecraft updates, it is always fun to speculate the cool minecraft changes that could be made in a new minecraft update like minecraft 1.13.

✅ Minecraft updates by Xavier: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_LB...
✅ Lists of suggestions used:

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

posted by darkludr8