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Identify Your Backyard Birds


Identifying 80 Backyard Birds! Real video examples of 80 common Backyard Birds Identified by a combination of sights and sounds. All video and sound recordings were made by me there is no stock footage or sounds these are real backyard birds mostly eastern half of the US and many migratory. It is not all inclusive or perfect, but you should find plenty of useful information, ideas and examples to pique your bird watching curiosity and other than food, feeders and water a good bird ID book would be a great initial investment.

Filmed mostly with Canon SX60 and SX70HS cameras available on Amazon at:
Commision Earned
00:00 Introduction
00:08 Chickadees, Juncos, Tufted Titmice
01:44 Cedar Wax Wings
02:08 Wren Varieties
03:54 Flycatcher Varieties
05:26 Elusive Insect Eaters
06:16 Finch Varieties
07:47 Nuthatches
09:06 Ruby Throated Hummingbird
09:48 Rose Breasted Grosbeak
10:13 Bluebird
10:36 Eastern Towhee
11:05 Wood Thrush
11:37 American Robin
12:11 Cardinals and Buntings including Painted Buntings
14:06 Corvids Crows, Jays and Ravens
17:05 Doves
18:54 Mimics Mockingbird, Catbird and Brown Thrasher
20:42 Woodpecker Varieties
25:28 Warbler Varieties
27:36 Sparrows
30:12 Daytime Birds of Prey Hawks, Falcons, Eagles etc.
34:34 Vultures
35:33 Night Birds Owls and Nightjars
37:29 Icterids Blackbirds, Meadowlarks, Cowbirds and Grackles
40:52 Loggerhead Shrike
41:29 Red Eyed Vireo

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