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Ibizan Hound / 99+1 Dog Breeds

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The Ibizan Hound. She’s a striking dog, with a really unique appearance. She has a deerlike elegance that is reflected in the way she moves. An incredible jumper, this dog can reach great heights from a still position; she’s also a fantastically agile runner, with a lithe gallop.

Deerlike / Great jumper / Agility and grace when running

She’s quite a shy girl, reserved with strangers and timid around large groups of people. A great house pet, she is polite and loyal with a calm temperament.

Sharp senses / Can be shy / Perfect in the home

As you might expect, such an athletic dog needs regular exercise. Unless you feel athletic yourself, it’s probably best to let her exercise on a lead with a long walk or a jog, she can also have a good run in a safe enclosed area just remember she can jump, so can you run?

This athlete needs exercise / Needs controlled area… or she’ll run away with you!

Looking after her is fairly easy, physical activity aside. If she’s smooth she only needs brushing occasionally, for the wired dogs a weekly brushing is fine. She’s better with heat than with the cold, due to the climate of the Balearic Island that she originates from. To train she requires patience, but it will be worth it in the end.

Minimal grooming needs… even for wireds / Prefers warmer climates / Tricky to train… but rewarding

Interesting facts: A rare breed outside the island of Ibiza even today due mainly to her divisive looks; looks that have an uncanny resemblance to Pharaoh Hounds, often seen painted on Egyptian tombs.

Looks keep her niche / Theory they’re related to Pharaoh Hounds

The Ibizan Hound. A uniquely attractive dog that’s perfect for the family home.

Unique family pet.

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