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I was hired to CLAP a TOXIC trash talker in Fortnite

Booty Clap KC

In this video I was hired to clap a toxic trash talker. My boy Cookie hit me up and said his girlfriend's little brother was trash talking him and his family so he hired me on as a mercenary to represent his family! The reactions of Cookie and his Girlfriend's brother were hilarious, this is now one of my best videos I've ever made.

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Thumbnails & Artwork by Tatten: [email protected]


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Killing Twitch Streamers (Poach, Kreo, Cizzorz?) in Fortnite #1. So I Tried Out For A 'FEMALE ONLY CLAN'' And They Said This... I played random duos USING the RAREST SKIN in fortnite and he said this... i jumped off the map and spectated random players... (so lucky). BEST Voice changer TROLL in Fortnite. I left fill on in playground USING the RAREST SKIN in fortnite and this happened... TRASH TALKER CALLS ME OUT FOR A 1v1 in BLACK OPS 4!! Trashtalker Calls Me A Hacker! - Rainbow Six Siege. Top 5 KIDS vs STREAMERS! (CourageJD Roasted, Trash Talking, Tfue Fortnite). CS:GO 1v1 ● SUMMIT1G vs TRASH TALKER! [ de_dust2 ].

posted by bellamuertemsi