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I Used Apple Watch Ultra WITHOUT an iPhone...

Unbox Therapy

Can the Apple Watch Ultra successfully replace a smartphone (iPhone 14 Pro Max) for a 24 hour period? How long will the battery last? Is the Apple Watch Ultra the ultimate smartwatch?

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0:00 The Plan
1:14 Unboxing
1:58 Ultra Watch Set up
2:40 AirPods Gen 2
3:06 I Got a Call!
3:44 Starbucks + Ultra
4:11 Blue Tooth Pairing In Car
5:08 Blue Tooth Pairing Explained
5:43 Making a Call
6:21 Taking a Call Noisy Environment
6:54 Milkshake
7:07 Trying to use Siri
7:28 Behind The Scenes In The Studio
7:44 Found the AirPods Gen 2!!
8:31 Hockey + Workout Test
9:55 Navigation Watch Only
10:10 Dinner Time
10:33 Day 1 Recap
11:41 Sleep Tracking
12:16 Battery Check Up...
13:21 Range Anxiety
14:13 Run The Battery Down!
14:58 Is It Over?
15:36 My Findings...

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posted by demoliceqa