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I Tried Creating a Game Using Real-World Geographic Data

Sebastian Lague

A little experimental game I've been working on recently, where you fly around a tiny version of the world and deliver packages to various cities. Would love to hear any ideas you might have about how this could be taken further!

The next episode about this project's development is now available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXD97...

The source files for this project are available here: https://github.com/SebLague/Geographi....
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Earth data from:

Faith Michael FK
It Will Come Back The Stolen Orchestra
Icicle Caverns Cast of Characters
On Earth We Dream of Eden
Nightingale Emorie
Heart Caligraphy Cody Martin
Cosmic Waves Michael FK
Living Borrtex
Wonderland Shimmer
Falling Through the Hourglass Sid Acharya
The Art of Loneliness ANBR
Another Time Another Place Sounds Like Sander
Summit Gray North
Parachutes Michael FK

0:00 Intro (feat. Ori)
0:36 In Which a Cube Becomes a Sphere
2:06 Topography and Bathymetry
2:38 Latitude and Longitude Conversions
3:24 A Vertically Exaggerated World
6:10 Flying About the Planet
7:35 Frustum Culling Optimization
8:20 Generating a Normal Map
10:09 A Splash of Colour
10:39 Countries and Cities
12:06 Drawing Borders
13:07 Country Highlights
15:37 Drawing the Oceans
18:01 Some Gigantic Boats
20:05 Cloud Experiments
24:08 Custom Shadow Casting
25:39 Atmosphere Test
26:44 Parachuting Packages
28:00 Let's Play!
31:27 Outro (feat. Ori and Beemo)

posted by Noaccoii