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I Threw 2000 Pieces of Food to My Dog

Arthur Li

Border collies are known for agility training and performing cool tricks, like catching a frisbee, herding, and obedience training! In this video, I showed that training a border collie with highvalue dog food is important for effective training! I wish I knew this when I first did Ellie's puppy training!

Starting the puppy training in a proper way, border collies can be an amazing family dog and an energetic companion. Whether it's crate training, potty training, or obedience training, motivating rewards such as valuable treats and verbal praises are necessary.

I remember when I was at the PetSmart dog training class, other dog parents were using treats, but Ellie was just trained used a normal kibble, but she passed with flying colours. Thinking back, Ellie did well in the training class because she was quite food driven and the training was too easy for a border collie puppy. As we moved to more advanced dog tricks at home, such as weave through legs, dog yoga or dance, more encouragements would certainly make the training visibly easier. So when you train your dog next time, please be generous of food.

As to what food to feed the dog, I regularly used the kibble from Hill's Dog Food but I'm thinking about switching to Costco's Dog Food. No issues with the quality of Hill's, but the Costco's dog food ingredients seem to be just as good with a lower price tag. We will see if we will come back to Hill's after trying Costco's.

As for raw diet, I occasionally feed Ellie chicken breast and drumstick as highvalue treats, but they do not make up a significant of her major energy intake.

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posted by sparkeeparkeeza