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i tested food HACKS people use in HOTEL ROOMS

Raphael Gomes

can you really make popcorn with hair straighteners? or cook fish using a coffee maker? today we test food hacks people use to make full meals in their hotel rooms. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe, thanks

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Enquiries: [email protected] i cooked REAL MINI FOODS in an easy bake oven. i only ate ADVENTURE TIME FOODS for 24 hours!!! AMERICAN vs. BRITISH Prison Food. i only ate JAPANESE MOVIE THEATRE foods for a day. i only ate SUPER MARIO FOODS for 24 hours!!! i tried FILIPINO 7 ELEVEN and fast foods in MANILA PHILIPPINES. ODDLY SATISFYING FOODS!!! Cheesy Mess, Ice Cream Roll, Rainbow Pancakes & More! I only ate RED food for 24 HOURS challenge!!! Kids Try US Military Food (MREs) | Kids Try | HiHo Kids. i tried CHRISTMAS dinners from all over the WORLD !!!

posted by rimacxz