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I test my cat's love

Neuro Transmissions

If you have a cat, you've probably asked yourself, "does my cat love me?" Love is a messy term. It's not all that accurate to the way we feel...that attachment. Does a baby love their parent? I would say yes. So I decided to put Bill and Loki's love to the test using one of psychology's most famous experiments!

Big thanks to Nick from Science Asylum and Dom from Every Think for giving me footage of them angrily typing even though I could’ve used it for malicious purposes. Check out both of their amazing channels!
Science Asylum:
Every Think:

The cats at the beginning were mostly from charitable Twitter and Reddit folks. Thanks y’all! I love it when a plan comes together. Here’s all the cats’ names (and social media name if applicable):
Ester @AllEndlessKnot
Xenophon and Coralon
Sabrina Toftillo @ARTexplains
Bandito Bandito Cat on YT
...and other unnamed cats!

Vitale, Kristyn & Behnke, Alexandra & Udell, Monique. (2019). Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans. Current Biology. 29. R864R865. 10.1016/j.cub.2019.08.036.
Mary D. Salter Ainsworth, & Bell, S. (1970). Attachment, Exploration, and Separation: Illustrated by the Behavior of OneYearOlds in a Strange Situation. Child Development, 41(1), 4967. doi:10.2307/1127388

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Footage from the following media was used for educational purposes and falls under fair use:
The Princess Bride
The Strange Situation Mary Ainsworth
Secure, Insecure, Avoidant Ambivalent Attachment in Mothers Babies

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