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I need your help! #savejesus #justiceforjesus

Jesus Christ
***Update: Jan 8, 2019: I have a hearing tomorrow with a judge, I am feeling very optimistic! I will be able to update you more and share more details after my hearing tomorrow. Thank you again SO MUCH for all the love and support! I wouldn't have a chance if it weren't for the love and generosity of this amazing community.
Follow me on Twitter for updates at'> and be sure to use the following hashtags: #savejesus #justiceforjesus THANK YOU! ***

Please help me fight in court to keep my parental rights! If you can't help financially, please like, share this video, and subscribe. Thank you. You can also donate directly via PayPal to THANK YOU!

*Edit: I now realize that I probably should have used Gofund me for this. A lot of people have been asking for paypal as Patreon takes a large cut, so I've included a link above. Thank you so much, I am so overwhelmed by your love and support. Thank you!*

Follow me on Twitter for updates:'> [RWBY]Red Like Roses Part II 8bit cover. PLAYING MINECRAFT WITH FIVERR JESUS!!! Slav Girl Reaction to PewDiePie LWIAY I am SO proud of this community. We Bought a Hoarder House Pt. 2... watch the progress, see what we found! Jesus answers Reddit AMA Part 2. The Pressure of being a YouTuber. WOW! PewDiePie Hacks, Kendall Jenner IS A HERO, Bird Box, Saudi Girl Escape, & Government Shutdown. Attention Gamers: Fiverr Banned VoiceOverPete and He Needs Your Help! God, I Need Your Help! These New Alien Bugs are Way too Fast! Can our Swarm Queen Survive This?!

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