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Animal Watch

Today Anneka meets Bosch, a new white wolf to arrive in wilderness WolfWatchUK he's absolutely huge and very tall for an 11 month old. Will he love or run from her?

Anneka also stays at one of the world's most beautiful Wolf Lodges in the Shropshire Hills and awakes to the sound of wolves howling every morning.

Kgosi Lodge is a new Wolf Cabin built in memory of Kgosi, a beautiful black wolf who has now passed. The cabin is a luxury eco cabin and can be requested for stays by visiting page:

To adopt a wolf, buy merchandise or arrange a visit to WolfWatchUK please visit:

WolfWatchUK is not a zoo or wildlife park. You are unable to turn up to view the wolves, but instead a visit needs to be requested in advance. The wolf lodge is only offered out for a few select dates in the year due to the philosophy of WolfWatchUK for the lodge to be sustainable, not profit making. Wolf visits must be arranged separate to the lodge booking.

Thankyou to Tony for taking the time to be on camera, as anyone who knows him well understands that its not his most comfortable place. We are all very grateful here at GreenWorldTV x

Animal Watch Merchandise: teespring.com/stores/animalwatch

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Presented By Anneka Svenska

Featuring Tony Haighway

Episode filmed by Ellen Hope Cobb and Dominic Houghton

Episode edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

Drone Footage by Magnus Honeyborne

Additional GreenworldTV past footage filmed by:
Tom Ross
Agata Rucin
Jason Cortis

Photos by Steve Darling

A GreenWorldTV Production


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