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I made this Mario Odyssey miniature out of Garbage

Studson Studio

It's always a good crafting day when there's new empty garbage to enjoy. Today, I'm turning a bunch of trash, garbage, and junk plastic into the Odyssey ship from Super Mario Odyssey, my favorite hatbased vehicle. Mario and Cappy are here, too.

P.S. Don't emulate my cavalier power drill techniques around 5:55. While the video may look like I could have had a close call with the drill bit, tis just a trick of the camera making my finger look closer than it actually was.

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Special thanks to GameChops & Nelward for use of tracks from Mario & Chill, licensed via Creative Commons
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00:00 Garbage Day!
00:31 Combining plastic junk to make the ship deck
02:51 From trash to top hat
04:32 What do you think, Mario?
05:10 Making the headlamp
05:20 The final horseshoe??
06:18 The globe pedestal
07:20 The Paint Zone
09:21 Dipping into a dirty wash
10:05 Building a GRASSY base (Mario Odyssey? More like... Mario SOD I SEE...)
11:10 Gooper Mario Bros.
11:28 Ground pound some dirt
12:24 Flock everything
12:57 There's much room for mushrooms
13:41 Mario is Missing!
15:04 Cappy!
15:25 Beauty Shots and Patreon Shoutouts

#supermario #nintendo #craft #diy

posted by ceduljamazs