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I made the flying version of Howl's Moving Castle out of garbage

Studson Studio

I made Howl's Moving Castle again, but it flies now?? It flies now. This time, with a much higher ratio of trash to gundam parts. This is part of an ongoing series where I craft various things from my favorite Studio Ghibli films.

And a HUGE thanks to all the support from everyone on Patreon!

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Creators mentioned in this video:
Watch @missminilife craft Howl's bedroom https://youtu.be/augqce8OmXk
Watch @sanago sculpt a moving Charizard https://youtu.be/94vGelbPlQY

Original Howl's Moving Castle video: https://youtu.be/FDQsDDqWvk

00:00 Look upon my darling child
00:20 Always precisely plan everything
01:08 Trash bashing the head and body
04:45 The Howls Have Eyes (Facetime)
06:30 The beautiful booty and tail
08:13 Belly and body detailing (also, horseshoes)
09:52 Screaming for sparkles (rivets)
10:56 Special guys specialize in special eyes
11:38 A brick break in the stone zone
12:50 GOOP
13:21 A cannon crown for our King
15:45 These pipes are exhausting
17:30 This cap looks like a crow's nest
19:35 Wingzone
21:42 Can't have wings without drumsticks
22:59 Halftime Prime
23:42 I have a vibrating nipple
23:59 METAL
25:35 Building the buildings
29:15 Slappa da paint
30:08 I'm an oil man
31:40 Final details for the backyard
33:29 Look at this beautiful art by patrons
34:28 Assemble!
36:41 Beauty shots and Patreon Shoutouts

Special thanks to @gamechops and @jokabi9807 for the use of their track, Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy). Check out the full album:
Chilltendo 2: https://youtu.be/M0RO1t3lizY

Special Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle aka ハウルの動く城
All Howl's Moving Castle movie clips protected under fair use by way of education and research

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