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I made a Miniature Casita from Encanto

Studson Studio

Today I'm making Casita from Encanto using a bunch of cheap materials, including foam board, corrugated paper, and balsa wood.

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HUGE Rapunzel Tower by @KnarbMakes
Making your own sponge flock:
Powerful scratch builder and bead [email protected]
Powerful model maker and plaster porridge [email protected]
Powerful tabletop terrain maker [email protected]

Full Disclosure: these are Amazon Affiliate links, so I receive a few pennies if you purchase anything through these links at no extra cost to you.
OLFA Knife:
Craft Knife
Hot Glue Gun
Super Glue
White PVA Glue
Iwata Airbrush:
Airbrush compressor:
Portable airbrush booth:


00:00 We don't talk about intros
01:03 Knock knock, who's there, front door
03:31 The main block of Casita (Mirabel and Antonio's room)
04:38 Isabela's Tower
06:58 Dolores and Camilo's room
07:33 Luisa's room (also a balcony)
08:08 Abuela's miracle window
09:18 Bruno's green giant tower
11:21 Casita completa! Now for the goop texture
12:22 Paint time
15:43 And now for something completely different: Knarb's Rapunzel tower
16:00 Installing Windows
16:45 Installing floors
17:27 Casita, Assemble!
18:41 Candles are a fire hazard
19:30 Building a big base
20:04 ¡Más Moss!
21:00 Ground goop and grass
22:57 Put a sponge in a blender and you got flock, baby
23:51 Turning Casita into a Pink Palace
24:25 Beauty shots + Patreon shoutouts

Special thanks to GameChops and DeFalco for the use of their track. Usage rights provided via Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0

Track: Wii Shop ▸ DeFalco Remix
Artist & Label: GameChops, DeFalco
Link: ​
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