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I interviewed animals with a tiny mic 3


This episode is a little different from the others in the tiny mic series because it's at Alveus Sanctuary, my nonprofit! c:

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Edited by:

0:00 Abbott (American crow)
0:10 Intro
1:10 Stompy (Emu)
1:26 Nugget (Americauna Chicken)
1:33 Siren (Turquoisefronted Amazon)
1:48 Snork and Moomin (Chinchillas)
2:05 Georgie (African Bullfrog)
2:20 Tico (Blue and Gold Macaw)
2:37 Serrano (Domestic Donkey)
3:00 Snork
3:18 Stompy
3:30 Georgie
3:50 Siren
4:07 Snork
4:20 Miley (Catalina Macaw)
4:32 Siren
4:55 Abbott
5:23 Stompy
5:36 Snork
5:50 Siren
6:06 Mia (African Grey Parrot)
6:13 Abbott
6:45 Stompy
7:23 Outro + Special Announcement :D


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posted by vibogoyod4