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“I Haven’t Been Home For 7 Years.” 7'7' Tacko Fall Prepares For The Draft & Opens Up On Being TALL!


Tacko Episode 2 ►►
Tacko on the LIE DETECTOR ►►

This is episode 1 of My NBA Journey with Tacko Fall!! We got a bunch more episodes coming out so stay tuned!

In ep 1, Tacko talks about leaving his home to pursue basketball, playing at UCF, and what it's like to be 7'6." Trust, a big part of it is taking A LOT of flicks with random people in the airport lmaoo

Also in this ep, Tacko goes through a workout to get his conditioning up, flies to LA (he NEVER has enough legroom), and tries to get a suit for the draft. Good luck to his tailor...

What do you guys think about episode 1?? Let us know in the comments!!

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posted by insuladoea