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I Got A Chance To Revenge For My Dad's Death To His Boss


Hello! I’m Patrick. I've spent the last 4 years of my life thinking over a plan for how to get revenge on my dad’s former boss for all that he has done to our family.

I was born into a family of a housewife and a handyman. So, as you might have guessed, our family has never been rich in terms of money, but mom always said that she would never exchange our way of living for anything else, because she was always sure that nobody would ever say that we were not decent. And she was very proud of both me and my dad, who were always ready to give a hand to someone who was in need. He always said that I should be a good person and that good things would happen to me.

This huge tragedy happened to our family when I was 13. Back then, my dad had been working at a construction plant for several months already, and he was saying that after he finished everything and got paid, we could finally afford to go on a family vacation together and that was really encouraging. But one day, when I was doing my homework, sitting in the kitchen, and mom was cooking and helping me with some stuff, we got a call on our landline.

It was a doctor from the local hospital who said that an accident had happened right where my dad was working – the cable broke in the elevator shaft, and unfortunately, he got hurt badly. He died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital from the internal injuries. Of course, we rushed to that hospital. It was horrible. Tears were constantly running down my mom’s face, no matter whether she was driving our ancient car, or listening to what the doctor was telling her, or saying goodbye to her husband when they finally let us see him. I thought that the whole world had cracked and that there was nothing worse than that.

During the whole funeral and the wake thing everybody kept coming up to me to say their condolences and to tell me that from now on I was the main man for the family and the only supporter and defender my mom had now. Yeah, I sort of already was aware of that. A few days later I found my mom crying hard again. I tried to calm her down, saying that she had to let go of her grief, ‘cause even the reverend said that we shouldn’t mourn for long, you know, to make it easier for dad’s soul to be able to leave and go wherever it was supposed to go. But mom said that she was crying for another reason – she had just found out that she was pregnant.

It was kinda hard to react properly to this news and not only for me, but for my mom also. On the one hand, we had just buried my dad and I personally felt that I wasn’t allowed to be happy yet. But on the other hand, as some believers may also assume, it was as if the dad’s soul was coming back again in this baby, and it was kinda amazing. Of course, this also meant some extra spending for the family budget which was extremely low, but as mom said, this baby was a blessing from god and we will eventually handle everything.

And then we received a compensation check from the insurance company. Mom said that the sum of money that they sent was dramatically small. Of course, I was too young myself to understand anything, but as soon as mom saw it, she got really angry. And she started accusing dad’s boss of being mean and greedy. By the way, he never called us or came to us to offer us any help or money, or at least to check how we were doing without a dad. Mom also said that she was sure that the boss-guy had a hand in what happened to my dad, having cheated with the insurance documents, and he for sure was neglecting security measures. Jesus, I’ve never seen my mom that furious before!

I am pretty sure that if mom wasn’t pregnant back then, or if I was a bit older, we would have sued that company, or my dad’s former boss, or both. But when mom calmed down a bit, she said that these companies usually have a bunch of lawyers who would've never allowed a simple pregnant woman with a kid to win a case against them. That’s why we should just calm down and find the strength in our hearts to forgive them and move on. But then my brother was born, and he wasn’t really physically healthy, and doctors said that stress was to blame for everything.

Now I know that mom was right, saying that being angry will never be helpful to anyone, but back then I kept mulling this situation over and over in my head and imagining how different our life would be if my dad was alive, and I just felt this hatred growing inside of me. I just couldn’t stop myself from sending curses to that boss’s family or blaming him in everything that he did to us.

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