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I Fixed the Alphabet MORE 𓅱

Oats Jenkins

lowercase bird
First Video:

Qǫ Ww Eᴇ Rʀ Tᴛ Yʏ Uᴜ i Oᴏ Pᴘ
α Ŝ̬ Dᴅ Fғ Gɢ Hʜ Jj Kᴋ Lʟ
Zᴢ X Vᴠ β Nɴ Mᴍ

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0:00 I Fixed the Alphabet
0:54 Creating the Betabet
3:00 Fixing NUMBERS
3:34 The 11th Digit
4:09 Lowercase Numbers
7:09 Expectations
7:31 Ŝ̬ᴜβŜ̬ᴋʀiβ

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