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I Didn't Know My Parents Were Getting A Divorce


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When Mackenzie was younger her dad was in the military and so their family moved around, a lot and often. But, since it was just Mackenzie and her Mom and Dad, the moving made them closer and they were like three peas in a pod - always together!

After years of service and all that moving from house to house and military base to military base, her Dad finally decided it was time to retire - Florida, where they had friends and family - and so they packed for what they thought was the last time and headed south.

Mackenzie had never been settled anywhere really, and they had never been stationed anywhere where any other family lived, and so, moving to Florida was so exciting with a lot of firsts for her.

After a couple of months they found the right house, moved in, and started working on it together, painting and remodeling and making it their own. She went to school, met some students, teachers and made a few new friends. Classes seemed okay, other kids seemed okay, jyst like every other time they moved.

All was well, until, one night, Mackenzie's dad was acting very strange, nervous which was not like him, and then, just all of a sudden and kind of out of nowhere, her parents told her that they were getting a divorce.

Mackenzie was shocked, totally unprepared for the divorce announcement, and honestly thought they were joking. It seemed so unreal, and so sudden. Mackenzie, of course, had known other families who had gone through a divorce, or a separation, but she never imagined that her family would go through it. Her parents had been together forever - they were high school sweethearts, married for twenty-one years.

Her dad left the next morning and Mackenzie and her Mom, now a single mom, decided at that exact moment that they would return to Missouri and settle there. This was where they both had their best friends and some real support, and neither of them wanted to stay in Florida with the memory of all that went wrong.

Not long after settling in Missouri, Mackenzie and her Mom found out that her dad had met another woman, and that they were together. That was really difficult for Mackenzie and her Mom, a lot of stress, anger, depression and anxiety, and they ended up going to counseling together, which really helped them manage through their emotions.

At first, Mackenzie was so upset she couldn't even bring her self to go to school. She had always been so close to her father, and she had always looked up to him as an amazing dad, the best. But, during that time, adjusting, she was in such a hard place with very mixed feelings about the divorce and her father. Doing home school online for awhile allowed her to spend more time with her Mother, and that was good for both of them.

But Mackenzie was still very angry with her Dad, and every time they spoke on the phone they would argue and fight.

- - -

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