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I Created Adidas


After being drafted to war at 17 years old and surviving, I managed to create one of the most recognizable brands in the world; Adidas. Being a pioneer of his time innovating sports shoes and creating a product that worked, Adi Dassler's love for sports and motivation to better athletes, sports, and the game pushed him to change the way we would view and wear shoes. This is the story of Adidas and how one man changed sportswear and fashion forever.

Welcome to the Origin Series. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a student or just someone who is trying to their place in the world, we present to you some of the most inspiring and motivational people that have changed the world. We hope their stories have impacted you like they have for us.

Adidas got their humble beginnings from the simple idea that no sport should use the same shoes. After surviving 2 World Wars and constantly being told that my ideas wouldn't work, he continued to change the sporting world by innovating and changing the shoes that athletes wore. Being the first of their kind, Adi Dassler first changed track and field by adding spikes to the bottom of the shoes to increase stability and grip. Thinking about it, it's obvious that it would work, but during those years, it was a radically new idea. No one believed in his idea or product. Not until the 1936 Olympic Games when Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals and his shoes took the world stage.

Adidas continues to innovate and develop new technologies in sports and casual wear. Creating iconic shoes for athletes and worn by celebrities, the famous 3 stripes continues to define generations through expressions of athletic wear and fashion.

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