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I Built a WATER PARK for a Homeless Husky!

Rocky Kanaka

Seeing shelter dogs play in an extreme water park will make you smile Let's help more animals!
CUDDLY is the sponsor of this video and is helping so many animals. Thanks CUDDLY!

Making over a shelter for Goose the husky dog and all of his friends was a lot of work but thanks to the volunteers we were able to pull off one of the biggest diy improvement makeover projects we have ever done. And getting to take Goose the husky on his very own Dog's Day Out to play in the ocean was such a great time. You could tell he really enjoyed playing in the ocean and his water park! it was a real challenge completing this waterpark in time for Goose and all of his friends to enjoy but rescue dogs are worth every minute of our hard work.

Adopt Goose and the other dogs seen in the video at Seal Beach Animal Care Center:

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