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I Bought an Abandoned Tiny House

George Dunnett

I converted an abandoned building into my first (tiny) home.
Here's the full process of that renovation.

In 2020, I bought my first home... an abandoned building in my village which was filled with old car parts and tools. Over the next year, I had the building renovated into a nice little tiny house cottage which I now live in and am very pleased with! I hope you enjoyed the process.

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To make this video I used:
This camera (I'm so impressed with it!)
And this microphone

Products I showed in the video:
LG C1 OLED TV (AMAZING for Movies + Games!)
Philips LightStrip for UnderCounter + TV Lighting
Minimalistic, Powerful, Bluetooth PC Speakers
Wireless Keyboard from Logitech
Wireless Mouse from Logitech
Silent PC Case with Great Airflow

#tinyhouse #renovation

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