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HYBRID ON-HIT SYLAS IS SO BROKEN! BIGGEST HEAL EVER - Sylas Top Gameplay - League of Legends


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HYBRID ON-HIT SYLAS IS UNSTOPPABLE! BIGGEST HEAL EVER?? - Sylas Mid Gameplay - League of Legends POSITION RANK IS DESTROYING LEAGUE RANK & HERES WHY (Abusable Glitches) - League of Legends. SYLAS NEW CHAMPION! ABILITY REVEAL! HE COPIES ULTIMATES! | League of Legends. [Champion] Sylas First Impressions. NEW RANKED SYSTEM FOR SEASON 9 IS HERE!! (Explained) - Riot's BEST Change Yet?? - League of Legends. Madlife - Sylas vs. Darius Top - Patch 9.2 KR Ranked | RARE. WTF! UNLIMITED SHIELD MORDE DOES NOT TAKE DMG?? MORDEKAISER SEASON 9 GAMEPLAY! - League of Legends. SYLAS | EN MERAK EDİLEN ULTİ DEĞİŞİMLERİ | Şampiyonların ultilerini nasıl çalıyor. Is Korean Lethal Tempo Graves BROKEN!!?? (PEANUT'S BUILD) - Tarzaned. SYLAS MID *NEW CHAMPION* IS NOT OVERPOWERED! BUT HE IS FUN! | League of Legends. IRELIA MINI-REWORK & JUNGLE CHANGES - New Patch 9.2 Changes (Early Look) | LoL.

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