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Husky Puppies First Swim!! [CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!!!]


Soooooo hello everyone. Yes I want to cry. It’s like with my children when they do something for the first time it makes me sound like a soppy old man. Can you hear the tone of my voice hahah? I was so over excited I love it so much I was so proud of her! Not only did she swim but she wasn’t scared running away from me afterwards which means she trusts me and didn’t hate it lol! When I was holding her to out of the water her paws was still going trying to swim it was the funniest video I ever seen I want to cry haha! Lola has fit in perfect to our family makes me so happy! Hope this makes you all smile as much as it does for me! Thanks for watching! Love you all!

posted by instinctual07do