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How Will Families Deal With Cost Of Living Increases? | Bust (Poverty Documentary) | Real Families

Real Families

Bust is an intimate portrait of families struggling to cope with personal debts as the credit crunch unfolds.

Tracy and Melvyn bought their council house on a low interest mortgage, but with rates soaring they’re now in trouble.
Michael is struggling to afford the help he needs to cope with his lung and heart disease.

Maria is a social worker who took out a loan when she could easily afford the repayments. Now on maternity leave her creditors are threatening to send in the bailiffs.

We follow these families over a year as they struggle to cope, and battle through the bureaucracy of bankruptcy and repossession.

Real Families brings you stories of modernday family life from around the world through the eyes of children, parents, and parenting experts. Stay with us for weekly documentaries and full episodes of evergreen family documentaries and parenting TV shows.

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