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HOW WE TAUGHT OUR MALTIPOO BASIC TRICKS | How to Train Your Dog Sit Down Up Stand u0026 Roll Over!

Delightful Paws

HOW WE TAUGHT OUR MALTIPOO BASIC TRICKS | How to Train Your Dog Sit, Down, Up, Stand, & Roll Over!

The highlyrequested training video is finally here! Hopefully this video can help you train your dog these commands and give you some encouragement. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Intro
0:41 Lure Training w/ Treats
1:01 How to Train "SIT"
1:57 How to Train "DOWN"
3:07 How to Train "UP"
3:53 How to Train "STAND"
5:00 How to Train "ROLL OVER"
6:43 Conclusion

Welcome to our channel! We're a family of four exploring the new world of owning a puppy. On our channel you'll find a broad selection of dogrelated videos filled with fun and adventure! We look forward to sharing our experience as firsttime dog owners, documenting our journey with raising a puppy.


*Crate mat:
*Grooming supplies:
*Nail clippers:
*Puppy food:
*Dog treats:
*Dog frisbee:
*Bell for potty training:

Training resources we use:
Zac George's Dog Training Revolution (
Creative Dog Training Podcast

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