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How to translate French words WITHOUT KNOWING FRENCH (3 clever tricks)


The only language you need is English. Let me teach you how to read French words without already knowing any French. Watch and I'll explain.

MASSIVE FRANCOPHOBE? You should watch anyway, because the reasons why these tricks work raise some fascinating facts about the history of the English language.

By inserting an extra S here or there, some French words magically become much more like their English equivalents (or "cognates"). Also, the clever deployment of a W can render even the most Gallic of words easily recognisable.

DISCLAIMER The tricks don't work every time... but when they do, it is enormously satisfying.

0:00 Intro
0:59 TRICK 1: Swapping É for S
3:50 Why TRICK 1 works
4:58 TRICK 2: Letters with hats
7:43 Why TRICK 2 works
8:17 TRICK 3: Swapping GU for W
8:57 Why TRICK 3 works
10:53 Translating a sentence
11:52 Goodbye

posted by Parmenideil