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How to Teach your dog to 'Eat on command' or 'Impulse control' ll Step by Step Guide ll


Today, Monkoodog will teach you How to train your dog to eat on command or How to teach Impulse Control to your dog.

So that dogs will behave well in your absence like if you just leave the room for a minute and there’s a big delicious pizza slice on the coffee table. It will be gone by the time you’ll back.

We have to teach our dogs to wait patiently because selfcontrol or Impulse control doesn’t come to dogs naturally.

So, Aishani Mathur, the Founder of ‘The Wizard of Dogs’ and a Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, will explain and demonstrate the very simple and basic training to teach your dog to eat on your command.

You can follow her on Instagram also for more Training videos @thewizardofdogs

This training has its own benefits in many ways like
1. Your dog will wait patiently when you’ll be preparing its food.
2. Your dog won’t jump on your dining table or surf the kitchen counter in search of food.
3. Your dog won’t snatch food from kids or toddler's hands.
4. Your dog won’t eat trash off the ground and will eat only from its bowl.
5. And your dog won’t try to lick the food left on the table all alone.

We hope that this video will help you to teach your dog impulse control.
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