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How To Teach Fetch In 3 Simple Steps!

Pawty Time

Hey guys! So today's video is about how to teach your dog to play fetch or retrieve things! I'm gonna make the steps super simple so you can easily understand!

Fetch is one of the best ways to exercise a dog without doing much, and that is the exact reason why I love it! Some dogs could 'naturally' retrieve things, while some requires more training. But of course, our dog would only learn to fetch or retrieve things from us humans! If you are currently training your dog to play fetch and having difficulties, I hope this video helps!
Because basically, teaching our dogs isn't difficult at all, especially when they enjoy the game.
The most common problems when we are training our dogs to fetch are
1. When my dog gets the ball, he won't return to me
2. My dog got the ball and returned to me, but won't release the ball

So I made it into 3 simple steps, with explanations
1. Start in small space
2. Combine with come & out command
3. Repeat, repeat & repeat
I hope this video helps, happy fetching!

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posted by Zaffonatohj