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How to Spot Logical Fallacies (Featuring Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro)

Mr. Beat

Mr. Beat reacts to an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience featuring Ben Shapiro to point out and define common logical fallacies.

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The full episode I'm reacting to:

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Much of this video was based on the book "The Fallacy Detective."
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Larry D. Moore

I regularly listen to both Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro’s podcasts.

So I was excited last summer to see that Shapiro had once again appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Episode 1512 on July 22, 2020. However, something really stood out to me as I listened. There were A LOT of logical fallacies in this episode. Like, more than normal. This was disappointing to me, especially since Shapiro is known as a logical dude (clip at 2:10)

Logical fallacies are common errors in reasoning based on bad logic.

Puppet: Wait, what is logic?

Well I’m glad you asked puppet. There are many definitions of logic. The one I’m gonna use for this video is reaching a reasonable conclusion by adequately analyzing facts.

For example, if someone spends too much money to a point where they can’t afford basic necessities, then it is logical to conclude they should save their money to have more of it.

At first glance, a logical fallacy seems to be true, but once we apply the rules of logic, it is problematic. Often, we use logical fallacies and we don’t even realize it. Logical fallacies hurt our ability to argue, but more importantly, they cause us to fall for crappy arguments.

So back to the latest Joe Rogan Experience with Ben Shapiro. What I’ll do is first play the clip and then explain the logical fallacy you just heard. I even have puppets to help me out again.

I know I was a bit nitpicky, and perhaps I even got some of these wrong, but I just wanted to show you how two smart, entertaining people, can be guilty of a lot of logical fallacies in just an hour and a half of conversation. I counted _____ of them.
For the record, I still enjoyed the episode.

And I am also definitely guilty of using logical fallacies himself. One of my goals lately has been to stop using them when I form arguments.

So join me. Let’s all be logical. And boring. Yeah. Woohoo.

#logicalfallacies #benshapiro #joerogan

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