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How to Read Your Cat's Body Language


Reading Your Cat's Emotions - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hello my name is Dr. Carolyn Quagliata. I am the owner and founder of City Pet Doctor, New York City's premier house call vet service. How can you tell what your cat is thinking or what its mood is? Cats are huge on body language, so the first thing you can look at is your cat's eyes. If they are wide and staring, that can mean that they are about to be aggressive or they are focusing on something and they are getting ready to pounce. If their eyes are narrow and blinking, that usually means they are very happy and content and comfortable.

The next thing, would be to look at a cat's tail. If a cat's tail is swishing back and forth in a very repetitive soft motion, that usually means that they are happy and all is well in the world. If the tail is flickering in a very aggressive manner, that usually precedes an attack so be careful. Cat's tails can also quiver, and sometimes cat's tails do that when they are marking. They can also do that when you rub the back of their back. And that can mean that they like you, it is a sign of affection. And the last thing is just in general how a cat moves. If a cat rubs up against you, they are actually marking you as their territory so it is actually a sign of affection.

And the other interesting thing is, I do not know if you have ever noticed that when a cat walks into a room full of people that the cat does not know, it usually goes over to the person that is either scared of them, or does not like cats because that person is not making eye contact. So if you were making eye contact at a cat, they can potentially think that you are being aggressive so they will avoid you.

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