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How To Rake (Bag) Leaves - the EASY WAY!

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NOTE TO COMMENTERS: Thank you all for your inputs - I have learned a lot from your comments. However, this video is about raking and bagging - NOT composting. I agree, that's a great thing to do, and plan to post another video on composting leaves later. It will take a while to put it together (because composting takes time), but I hope that one will be even more useful than this one.
Now, about this video:

Actually, it's not RAKING leaves that's the problem. It's pretty easy to rake up a huge pile of leaves. The real problem is what do you DO with all those leaves you raked up?

It's a ROYAL PAIN to try to stuff those leaves in a bag, but that's what many people do anyway, and some municipalities require.

This video shows you the easiest way to rake - no, make that BAG - leaves you've ever seen.

Can you imagine filling a 33-gallon bag of leaves in less than three minutes? This video shows you how.

posted by Muhchooldln