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How To Pick A Cane Corso Puppy to Breed Standard

Cane Corso Chronicles

A video that shows you how to judge a litter of Cane Corso puppies teaching you how to pick a cane corso puppy to breed standard! We look at the traditional Italian Standard as outlined by Antonio Morsiani and Stefano Gandolfi in their publication Il Cane Corso: Origini E Prospettive Del Molosso Italico. See what the Breed Standard is and what our AKC judge did when she judged our puppies so you can do the same thing trying to pick out your future Cane Corso pup!

Another great resource to help understand the breed standard is the Judge's Breed Seminar linked below: https://www.canecorso.org/uploads/1/1...

If you don't yet have a copy of the Il Cane Corso book it can be purchased here at the link below:
WEBSITE: http://www.canecorsomagazine.com/
STORE: https://www.peecho.com/checkout/14876...

posted by sufiraswi