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How to migrate Windows drive to SSD with free Samsung Data Migration software - avoiding errors


How to migrate Windows drive to Samsung SSD with free Samsung Data Migration software and avoid errors so it works first time.

Here's the link for the Orico hard drive case:

Summary of steps:
Download and run Samsung Data Migration software.
Put your new SSD drive in a USB hard drive case and connect it to your PC.
Open a command prompt as administrator and run chkdsk.
Run chkdsk /f if any errors are found.
Close any cloud backup software such as Dropbox.
Close any messenger software such as Skype.
Close all programs other than Samsung Data Migration.
Enter Airplane Mode.
Disable your antivirus software until after next reboot.
Check the source and target disk are correct in Samsung Data Migration then start the migration.
When the migration has completed, shut down your system.
Physically replace your old disk with the new one.
Power on your system, check all programs you want are running including your antivirus.
Take the system out of airplane mode.

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posted by lileviltaraow