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How To Match a Subject Into ANY Background In Photoshop! Compositing Tutorial

Photoshop Training Channel

POWERFUL techniques to match a subject into any background in Photoshop!

In this Photoshop compositing tutorial, you will learn professional techniques to create realistic composites.

We will cover everything from masking, matching perspective, matching color, and everything you need to match a person into any background.

INDEX Compositing Tutorial Blend a Photo to a Different Background
00:00 Introduction
01:48 Place both images in the same Photoshop document.
02:35 Make a mask to extract the model from her background.
11:00 Match brightness of the composite.
16:41 Match color of the scene.
19:15 Match Saturation in the image.
19:52 Blur Background
21:21 Adjust the composite with Camera Raw
24:20 Adjust and refine the details of the composite


Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop

Matching Perspective in Composites

Advanced Hair Masking in Photoshop

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